Hello there, and thanks for stopping by! Most of you visiting are likely friends I have on Facebook so I’m guessing you may be interested in keeping up with me and this is where you can do that. Feel free to bookmark this page or use the sign-up option on the right side there to be notified via email when I make a new post.

For the others who may be visiting this page, I’ve decided to take a break from Social Media and mostly Facebook for all of 2017. I’ve deactivated my profile a few times before and the longest was 3 or 4 months. I’m doing this because I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook keeping up with people, occasionally posting things I do or take part in and then getting caught up watching videos for recipes, movie trailers, pranks, etc. I’m wanting to see what I can do with my extra time and keep track of it better so I can see exactly how I’m spending it and what I get accomplished with it.

You can read more about my goals, this little “project” and plans to accomplish them on my 2017 Goals page but here’s a brief summary of what I have planned and want to do this year.
1. Build a Tiny House
2. Complete 2 Certifications, looking at the MCSE: Communication and maybe EnCE or CEH.
3. Travel more. I’ve always wanted to travel but make excuses and procrastinate. Check the Goals for my travel plans.
4. Focus on school and work. I’m looking at a career change so going back for a degree in Criminal Justice.

I’m sure I may think of a couple other things and will update those and cross out ones I complete on the 2017 Goals page. Thanks for checking this out and following along!

Thank you,
Seth Hall

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