Plan to be debt free by 30

A few years ago, I had picked up a Dave Ramsey book called the Total Money Makeover because I had some credit card debt and wanted to get out from under it. I did eventually and paid off a couple thousand dollars and stopped accruing more debt except student loans for about 4 years. I don’t know what clicked inside me for some reason I started using the credit card again because I thought I needed to better my credit score. So I started spending and paying it off every month which I was pretty good about. I got to a point where I started saving for other stuff so I didn’t pay it off in full each month but kept spending, then opened another card and started spending, then another and this cycle began all over for me. Right now, I am ashamed to say that I have over $43,000.00 in debt. The bulk of this is student loans totaling in at $35,651.37 and the rest are credit cards. I lost that disciplined I had built many years ago and now in a worse spot debt-wise than I was before. I’m not struggling because I make enough to cover my expenses and have money left over, but right now I’m paying the minimum on these debts and unless I get serious, then I’m going to be paying on these for years. I’ve broken down my current debt as well as my budget below and plan on cutting a few things out too.
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Serious meal prepping for 03/21/16 thru 03/26/16

For anyone who may be reading this, hello! I vowed to make 2016 a great year and focus on weight loss and accomplishing a few things and while it started out rocky, I’ve been serious about losing weight for a couple weeks now, I moved in to a new place and honestly the first week for every meal, I ordered take out. I then looked back and seen how much I had spent and how bad I felt each morning and decided to get serious about it. So this is my first meal prep week where I have cooked in advance. Last week, I done my shopping and cooked everything the day of but a few times I gave in to temptation because I was busy and cooking would took time, time that I didn’t have to spare at the moment.

Without further ado, I have provided my groceries, receipt and finally dinner meals all prepped and ready to go. My planning this week was to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a couple snacks all done and ready to go. The meal plan is as follows:
Oatmeal, fruit, yogurt
Eggs, fruit, yogurt

Sandwich/Wrap, chips

Chicken thighs, mashed sweet potato, green beans, asparagus, mushrooms
Salmon or Tilapia, mashed sweet potato or rice, green beans, asparagus, California medley

Celery or carrots, hummus
Fruit, yogurt, crackers

I spent a total of $68.20 this morning at Aldi and that included tin foil and a broiler pan so only about $55 on groceries for the week. I had oatmeal, rice, and bread so those aren’t on my receipt. Here is my receipt from this morning shopping







I got home and got it all laid out and got to work, this is what it all looked like once I got it unpacked





Then finally after about 2 hours total, I had everything prepped and cleaned up. Remember when I mentioned that the first week in the new place and I had ordered take-out? Well yea, those food containers have been re-purposed







Containers 1-3 are chicken thighs, mashed sweet potatoes, mushrooms, green beans and asparagus. 4 and 5 are salmon, mashed sweet potato, green beans and asparagus and #5 has California medley. Then # 6 is tilapia, California medley, green beans and asparagus and I plan on making some rice the day of. I have 1-3 in the refrigerator now and plan on just laying one out each day and hope it thaws out enough as I don’t have a microwave. Also, I know my bananas are green but I don’t really eat that many so should be fine. I plan on using the avocados on my sandwiches in place of mayonnaise and the lemons will be used in my green tea. Still not sure what the bell peppers will be used for. I’ve heard you can dip them in hummus so we shall see.

Lets do this!