2017 Goals

I listed my currently planned goals on the Home page but this page is where I’ll add new goals, plans to reach those goals, etc. I’ll mark them out as I reach them and when I do stuff related to them, those updates will be in my weekly notifications.

1. Build a Tiny House
As mentioned in the About page, I love tiny houses and want to build my own. I plan on putting my first one out on my parents land and having normal electric, water, sewer hookups to live in. I want to get this started by the end of January but I’m constantly changing my design plans because a 14×20 building seems so big and I don’t need all that room. I’m thinking of going smaller but I don’t know yet.

2. Complete 2 Microsoft Certifications.
I already have a couple related to Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013. I’d like to continue and get the MCSE: Communication or MCSE: Productivity and get the Skype for Business Certification. I’ve also been looking at the EnCE or CEH certification to maybe help with the career change. I’m hoping I can balance everything with doing school + certifications.

3. Travel more. If you read my About page, I’ve lived in Arkansas most of my life except the 2 month time in Missouri. I’ve been to a few other states but not many. I’d like to travel to see the ocean, either down in Texas or head east for a bit. I’d also like to travel and see Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. Of course, I don’t like driving in snow or ice so those states will probably be saved for Summer. I have almost a month of Paid Time Off saved up so I’m thinking I could continue to let it accrue and then take some here and there.

4. Focus on school and work.
I also mentioned on my About page of a career change. I’m currently going back to school for a degree in Criminal Justice. The fall 2016 semester was my first one back and I had A’s which has never happened for me. This change is what I want so I’m focused and driven to continue doing the best to get this degree. I also love my job and the work I do which is tied to number 2. I want to be able to balance both and become a better asset to my team and company. I’ve been on our Tier 2 team for over a year now and love it more than any job I’ve had even though it can be stressful at times. I want to continue to be a productive member and increase my skill set and knowledge.

5. Stick to this ketogenic lifestyle.
I’ve been a big guy all my life and working in IT at a desk all day has definitely not helped. I played around with this keto thing in August and saw great results but then made excuses and fell off. I started back up on December 5th, 2016 and saw far have lost 30lbs eating less than 25 net carbs and at a calorie deficit. I feel amazing and aches and stiffness I was having has decreased tremendously. I’ve not fell off track in this time and I don’t want to fall off and go back to my old ways. How I feel and the career change are my biggest motivators for sticking to this.

I figure those are a good start and I’ll cross them off, maybe add some more as things go along.

Also, after I fell off keto after three weeks, a friend suggested maybe setting up ways to reward myself if I stay on the keto wagon and if I fall off then I start the count over. Since I already have a few goals dealing with travel, may as well use a couple of those to use as rewards too. I’ll be starting back Sunday, January 8th 2017 so that’ll be my Day 1.

For every month, I stay on it, I’ll order something I’ve been thinking of getting or needing, maybe more bullets, new office chair, a new certification book, get my concealed carry, maybe a small road trip to go camping somewhere I’ve never been, etc. Just something small as a tiny motivation/reward.
At 3 months, I go see the ocean.
At 6 months, I go to Colorado.
At 9 months, Oregon or Washington. Maybe both.
At 12 months/1 year, I’ve been thinking of buying an ATV/UTV for myself but don’t really really need one. So if I make it a year with no cheats then will continue to ponder about getting one and maybe, MAYBE, get me one to play around with.

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