Week 3: Tiny House floor plan decided on and quote requested!

Week 3 has been kind of productive and this weeks post even has a couple pictures. I’ve officially made up mind on what kind of floor plan I wanted for the house, where things would be, do I really need much/any extra space, etc etc. Since I don’t know how long I’ll be living in this thing, I decided to go a little small and see what things I do and do not need and what things I miss having in a house. Honestly, most of my inside time is split up between the bedroom when I’m sleeping and in front of my computer when I’m working so I didn’t really make plans for a living room and would like to instead build a deck or something in the yard for entertaining when I have people over.

As mentioned in my post last week, we started bush hogging and got it all done. I didn’t get a before picture but I do have an after. Just imagine a bunch of little trees and bushes and you’ll have an idea of what it looked like. There was also one big tree there but we cut it down. The next plan is to have gravel from the road down the driveway a bit then split off to the area in the picture and have a little gravel pad put down where I’ll put the house and be able to park. The area needs a little more work and cleanup and I plan on getting out there with a pair of loppers and cut down the tiny stuff close to the ground.






So now that I have the space cleared out for where to put the house and after about 5 different designs and trying to figure out how much room I needed, I’m officially done and happy with the options I chose. I decided to go with a 10’x20′ High Barn from a local company and it’ll have a 10’x8′ loft so will have 280 sq ft of space. I’ll be using the lower part for normal living and the loft will be used for any storage. I don’t have a lot of stuff to store so I may just have some unused space. One thing I didn’t want was my bed in a loft so I asked the company to build both lofts together at one end over the bathroom and kitchen and I’ll be building a raised platform on the other end where my bed and work space will be. So I’ll also have some additional storage under the platform as well. As mentioned above, I don’t entertain a lot but it’d be nice to be able to have company and maybe have friends over occasionally for dinner, games, etc. Since I also don’t have a ton of counter space, I decided to go ahead and have room for a table too. So also under the platform on the bed side will be space for a couple benches and a table that will be attached to the platform to be lowered and raised when needed. When it’s up, that will also provide bit of privacy for the bed area so it has studio type feel but also a little privacy when needed.

When I went through and designed and done the layout, I searched for appliances and all that first that I wanted and then modified the dimensions in the program I used to get as close of a visual of how things would look. I wanted a decent sized bathroom so I could have full size washer and dryer. I originally thought of getting normal sized washer/dryer and stacking them but I may go with one of those all-in-one washer/dryer combo and put a sink above it. I only done one door and 4 windows in the house and may put one on the end of the house where the bed is depending on how it look. I would also like to have the bed raised a bit higher than a normal frame so I could have a small dresser kind of thing built under it. The platform is raised up 3′ from the floor and since I’ll be getting the 7’4″ wall upgrade and there is about 3′ of head space from the wall to the center of the ceiling, I’ll have plenty of room to be able to stand up and move around on the platform area. I sent the request details off Thursday and if the sales guy I’ve been working with isn’t too busy then I should have the quote early next week and plan on going in and get it all situated and settled I’m expecting about 3-4 weeks of build time once everything is done and processed so that gives me time to get the gravel and everything else taken care of. I’m thinking from my calculations from the first quote he sent me on a 14×28′ that this one will be able $5000-$6000 dollars including delivery and setup which isn’t too bad.

Well that’s about it. Thanks for reading and following along 🙂

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