Week 4/5: One month gone and getting closer to tiny house time!

This post is for both last week and this week because nothing much has changed since Week 3. I did meet with the company I’m buying it from and got the ball rolling so expected delivery is February 23rd. I still have to get the gravel situation sorted out and I’m trying not to rush it but the 23rd is 3 weeks away and I want to be sure everything is scheduled, poured and leveled out before delivery so I don’t have to postpone. So I may start looking around to see if there are any others in the area who could do it sooner just so I can get it finished and out of the way.

In typical Seth fashion, I’ve been second guessing the floor plan/ layout. I know I still want the 10×20 I ordered but part of me thinks maybe I’m not making the most of my space and maybe a loft bedroom wouldn’t be too bad. I don’t know, I’m still playing around with it and once I get the building will be able to feel it out more for what works best.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. I’m still trying to balance work and school, haven’t put much effort yet into any of the certifications I had wanted to try, I may have to wait until summer since Math and World Lit are kind of the devil and those are taking up most of my time right now. I’ve thought about dropping one class, maybe doing four was a bad idea but as long as I don’t get behind or start slacking and grade dropping then I can deal with work, school, sleep as my schedule for another 3 months. We’ll see.


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