Week 6/7: Gravel is here, tiny building shell will be here Thursday

Hello everyone,

Nothing much happened since the last post up to the middle of last week. My gravel was finally delivered and I have someone coming Monday to try and level some of the land out and then lay down the gravel for me. I ordered three dump truck loads so hoping that will be enough to lay out enough space for a solid area to put the house and maybe fix up the driveway and use some as a little parking and patio type area.

I ordered a new toy because I was tired of walking around and bending up and down with a chainsaw to cut little tree stobs. I got me a Husqvarna 223R which is a brush cutter/weedeater type deal. I’m not usually one who gets excited about tools and yard/power equipment but ohhhhh boy, this thing is a beast. I put on my little mask after getting hit a couple of timesĀ  and cleared out some tall grass and little brush then switched over to using a circular saw blade and cut down a few decent size saplings.

If everything goes according to plan then next weeks update will have some pictures of everything and getting the building in place and then the real fun begins. I’ve still not settled 100% on my floor layout but I’m close and once they set it up, I’ll be dedicated to an idea. Plus, once it’s hear, it’ll allow me to visualize it a lot better I decided to have them set it lower to the ground, 8-12 inches instead of the 20+ inches I had talked to them about. So that limits things such as wastewater lines but I think I’m going to house my piping, electrical, water heater, etc in a little tiny small storage shed like you’ll normally see on some tiny houses.


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