Week 8: The tiny house has arrived!

Hey everyone,

The shell was able to be delivered on time Thursday morning and it took the guy about 45 minutes to set it up. Luckily since we got the gravel down, he said it made it a ton easier for him and he didn’t have any problems. I was originally unsure how much space I’d be able to have underneath it but one side was 8″ inches off so the other end is about 2 feet so I’ll be able to access the underside of it and get what I need done to that portion.

I had wanted to start on some steps this weekend but any free time that I’ve been able to devote to the space where I put the house has mostly been raking, cutting and trying to get the ground walk-able without stepping on a tree stob. In the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to have that portion done and start on a couple projects for the house. I’ll be meeting with an engineer from the electric company on Monday to go over the best way they can run electric to where the house is so after that I’ll get my meter in place and get electric up there to get started on doing the inside.






As for everything else, things are great. I’ve still not been tempted to use Facebook, the bet I had with my mom that she couldn’t go with Facebook ended and she made it so I’ll be buying her a new door and having someone install it for her. Of course, the whole purpose of me betting her was because I was hoping she’ make better use of the time but my sister-in-law introduced her to Pinterest……so my plan didn’t go so well.

School is still chugging along, math is starting to kick my butt but I’m still making headway so not all is lost. There are some changes at work happening so one of my certifications I had planned on completing in 2017 with be for the MCSE: Office 365 and I started Linux Essentials from LPI to try and start digging into more forensics/security kind of stuff. I’m ready to have my own space again so I can get all my lab equipment set back up and start playing around some more on it.

I’m also fixing to start planning a trip to Colorado since we’re almost 2 full months in to the year now and I’ve not done much of anything except work and study. I plan on trying to take a couple classes this summer but I’d like to start planning for a little break at the end of this semester and take a tripĀ  up there.


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