Week 13: Tiny House Update & YouTube Channel

Hey everybody, it’s been awhile since I made a post and a few changes have taken place to the tiny house. I have a couple pictures I’ll try to put in the post but I also decided to start a YouTube channel as well and have a couple videos up on there right now so you can check it out too. I’m kind of mulling over getting a few animals so the name of my channel is The Hall Hobby Farm.

The spring semester for school is about to wrap up, classes end May 5th and it’s been tough trying to balance 4 classes, work, certification studying, and trying to get the house started. I had talked about maybe dropping a class on my last update but with only a month left to go, I think I’ll be okay. I plan on taking a couple classes for the Summer I semester, maybe Biology and Intro to Sociology. Then I’ll take a break for the Summer II classes and start back up in the fall. There is a Criminal Justice Workshop on April 14th to meet with local professionals and do some networking and see what kind of stuff may be beneficial for me to start looking at. I know the local CASA group is looking for volunteers and I’d really like to do that to get a little bit of volunteer experience and see how the process works since crimes against children has been one area that I’ve thought of going into. So hopefully with this workshop coming up, it’ll give me a little more insight on different options that I may not be aware of in the Criminal Justice field.

Alright, so as for what’s been done to the house. I decided to start with the floor under where I am putting the platform for my bed and office so that part is completed. I still have to complete the rest of the flooring and have just been putting rigid foam insulation on top of the Advantech subfloor, then spacing six 2x4s across the floor and cutting the foam to fit between it. I used R3 and R5 insulation for the floor and then put 11/32 plywood on top of it. Since that floor space will be used for storage and won’t really be seen, I didn’t worry about using the sanded plywood. For the rest of the floor, I’ll probably up it to 15/23 plywood and then for the platform area will be 23/32.I’m still deciding what kind of actual flooring to use and right now torn between just burning the plywood and going on it with an epoxy kind of coating or getting actual hardwood flooring so we’ll see. The electrical work is all done on the building so just have to get the power company out to set their pole and then run it to my meter loop. I still have to go back through and connect my outlets and switches. They installed three light receptacles, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one for a porch light. I decided to go with a 4 bulb fluorescent  light for the living/kitchen/office/bedroom space. I have to get that hung and wired up which shouldn’t be too bad.

The next projects include plumbing which I still have no water up to the building yet. I was thinking of hooking up city water but I’m going to hold off on that so thinking of going ahead and running to a well on my parents place or look at large water storage containers and hauling some in or pumping some up to the tank for a bit until I can get connected to the well. In addition to plumbing, I need to build a small storage shed on the end where my water is planned to come in. I found a video from Ana White when she built a similar thing on her tiny house and will be designing my “shed” in a similar fashion to house my tools, chainsaw, brush cutter, and water heat. I discussed plumbing with a local plumber and since my wall framing is 2×4, he suggested I fur out the wall with another 2×4 for when it freezes. I’m thinking if I build the shed with 2×8 or 2×10 and insulate it + the interior wall where my pipe will be then it should be alright. If it comes to it, I’ll look at putting some type of heating in that shed area to make absolutely sure but I think it should be alright and prevent any freezing.

I got home after dark so was unable to get any pictures on here. Feel free to check out the YouTube link above or click here for The Hall Hobby Farm as I’ll be posting videos here and there as things progress as well.


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