Week 15: Tiny House insulation, electrical work completed, and next steps

Alright guys, so things are slowly making more and more progress to get this little place livable. Despite the attempts of a gang of wasps moving into the house and some of their spider buddies trying to take over a section of the building, I think I have it all sealed up. After the electricians done their stuff, the hole where they bring in the service entrance had a small gap that I think the spiders squeezed through. Then the box for my outside light had a hole allowing the wasps in so I had to take care of those area. I used some silicone around the wire entrance and also done the windows since there was little gaps between the window frame and the wood so those are all sealed up and so far I’ve not encountered any other spiders or wasps trying to call my little house theirs.

The last couple weeks have been spent doing insulation, working with the electrical company to work on getting their pole, transformer and light installed, as well as getting phone line ran up to the building. The insulation is completed in the walls and set to where I can still take out the ones in the bathroom and kitchen spot for when it’s plumbed. I still have to do the ceiling though which is the next step, just have to convince a couple people to come help me put it up because my big butt isn’t getting up on a ladder. I thought about buying a scaffold but then I realized it’d be a long time before I probably used it again so decided not to. All the framing in the house is 2×4 so either R-13 or R-15 will fit in it. I used R-13 in the walls and I’ve read for the zone I’m in that R-30 or above should be used in the ceiling but that would require me to fur out the walls 8 or so inches to get it to fit. I’m thinking given how little the building is that if I get a regular kind of AC and heater that it probably wouldn’t get too hot or too cold if I did go ahead with just R-13 or even R-15 in the ceiling.

The phone company also came up this week and he installed a line and box into the house. Another company should be coming out in a couple weeks to run the wire from my box on the tiny house to the phone box. Then when I’m ready to switch my service up to the tiny house, I’ll just call the guy to come out and he’ll transfer my existing service line into my parents house to the line running to my new tiny house. I’ve been in contact with the electric company and since I don’t have a water source yet it looks like I’ll have to go the contract route so they sent me everything today and the contract period is for three years at a minimum price of $20.44 a month which isn’t bad. I’m still figuring out what to do for a water source. I’ll be going to turn in the contracts to the office sometime this week and then they’ll come out within 10 days to hook up service as long as weather is good and the ground isn’t too soft As I explain in this weeks video, I do still plan on getting city water but just to make it where I can get up to the house and start living in it for awhile and not have to come use my parents water all the time, I’d like to get either storage tanks or run a pipe from their existing well up to the house. The well is about 225 ft though so I’m not sure what it’d cost to get that ran. I’ll have to do some more digging and see if it’d be cheaper than a water storage tank and a water hose 🙂

I started calling around to a couple local septic installers to start getting quotes for a septic tank to be installed. I’m going to get that done first before I get the building plumbed out so I can be sure if where all the pipes need to run and if I maybe need to do a 180 on my bathroom layout plans. I’ve already purchased my shower pan and toilet so I can start laying it down and get ready to start building the bathroom walls up. I had received a quote from a company in Batesville to do the PEX plumbing and with materials and labor they quoted $1700. The guy who done my gravel earlier this year is a Master Plumber so I’m going to reach out to him and have my come do some more gravel and give me a quote once the septic location is decided and started.

I’ve started thinking more of the interior space and I had originally thought of doing a sho-shugi ban kind of thing with plywood but after more consideration and looking into people who had used plywood, I opted not to. So I’m thinking of using a wainscotting for my walls, maybe doing two colors: white and gray of some sort. Then for my ceiling and maybe the entire bathroom, using corrugated tin. We’ll see how all that goes because I think I’ve changed my mind a few times.

The plans/goals for this next week is:
1. Install outside light
2. Confirm septic location/bathroom layout
3. Install bathroom fan/lights
4. Maybe get electrical ran to the house
5. Maybe  start on bathroom walls.

I have two more weeks of this semester, then I have a month off and then a Biology class the Summer I semester so I hear it’s going to be a bit hectic. I may not get a ton done during that time but then I’ll free from July thru mid-August. I really want to be in the house before then though. Build a tiny house was goal #1 for 2017 and we’re already through Q1 so I have to step it up. Granted, I didn’t get the building until the end of February, but still.

Thanks again for reading. Feel free to share the link and YouTube video if you want to, things aren’t that interesting but I figure once I’m all done, it’ll be nice to look back and see just how much I had no clue what I was doing.


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