Week 20: Electricity hooked up, water situation, and starting on interior

It’s been a few weeks since my last update so wanted to make this real quick and kind of show you what all has been going on. In my last update, I had talked about the electric company coming out and setting my pole and that was postponed a bit because of all the rain we had been getting but it was set about ~2 weeks ago so I finally have electricity up and running in the house. Since I don’t currently have water to the house, it was required to do a contract type deal so even if I use no electricity during a month, I still have to pay a minimum of $20 and some change which isn’t too bad. So the electricity is in and it’s been really useful having it up there so I can run saws and stuff as I start the next phase of the build doing the interior walls, bathroom, cabinets, platform, etc.

As of today, as shown in the video, I’ve started on the walls around the area my platform will be going. I went with the bead board/wainscotting material and so far I’m happy with it. It’s easy to work with but kind of flimsy so trying to cut it without it bowing has been a challenge but nothing too bad. All the material I get is 8 ft long and I don’t have a trailer it’ll fit in so been having Home Depot cut my stuff and I stick it in the back of the Tahoe to transport. Since my platform will be about 2-2.5 ft high, I had them cut 2 ft off the bead board so there are some ugly lines in the video where I’ve nailed the short part below the taller part which doesn’t look very good, it’ll all be covered up though so not worried about it.








With the interior part of that first wall area being done, I’m fixing to start on the platform for my bed and office so I have all the material purchased and right now just laying in the house so it’s kind of messy right now. I can’t remember if I showed my toilet and shower purchase but I have that along with other items for the build such as the bathroom fan and then all my other tools stored in there so it’s getting crowded. Speaking of the bathroom items, as I mentioned in previous videos, I was wanting to get on city water but the line ends about 1000 feet from our land. After talking with the city water guy and the engineers responsible for the lines, they estimated it’d cost around $12,000 in construction alone plus about $2,000 or so for all the testing to be sure the line would support another customer and clear it with the Department of Health. While I’d like to eventually get on city water if I stay out here long term, I don’t want to pay that much for it right now so I decided to go ahead with extending the water line from our well to the tiny house. I have a friend whose family owns a well drilling company and they quoted me about $375 + tax to extend the line so I’m going that route for now and it should be done in a few days if everything goes good. UPDATE: They actually were able to get to it sooner than I expected so they came out on the 23rd and extended the water line and it only cost $431.72.

Once the platform is done and since the water line is now up there, the next project will be the outside add-on box/shed/tool storage. I plan on building it attached to the outside bathroom wall to house the water heater, water filter, a couple outlets and then my tools. I’m hoping since it’ll be built on the wall my pipes are running through that it’ll offer some additional airspace so my pipes don’t freeze. I plan on building it with 2×6 or larger to house more insulation and I might be able to put a small heating element in there if it gets too cold.

So that’s kind of where things are at the moment. I still have a good ways to go but I’m hoping to have it livable in another month or two. I still need to do my ceiling insulation and once I have that in I’ll be able to get an idea of what it’ll take to keep it cool. My first appliance purchase for it was a small window AC meant for 150 sq ft and mine is about 270 sq ft including the loft so it works for what I need at the moment but will need to look at a bigger one for the summer months.

Thanks for reading! Maybe now as things are coming together, I’ll be able to post more often. I have the week of May 22-28 off, then off the 29 work 30th and 31st then have the 1st and 2nd off. There is a Homesteading Conference in Harrison, AR so I’m going to try and go to that and see if I can learn anything.


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