My name is Seth Hall and I’m a 27 year old IT professional who loves tiny houses, trying to live a minimal lifestyle, and better myself in some way every day. I was born and raised in Arkansas and have lived in North West Arkansas, North East Arkansas, North Central and even the Central areas. Oh and a brief stint in Missouri. I’ve moved 16 or 17 times since 2008 and really don’t like staying tied down to one place for very long.

I work from home for a cloud services provider and enjoy what I do very much. I’ve worked in the IT field since 2008 and I’ve got to work with some amazing people and learn new skills everyday. However, IT wasn’t what I originally wanted to go into. In high school I was interested in computers and after graduating and working as a cook for a year, IT jobs were easier to get with no degree so I jumped at the chance to do something else and the money was good so I stayed around. I’ve always loved and want to help people and law enforcement has always interested me. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do but currently going back to school for a degree in Criminal Justice. I wish I had done it sooner and got it over with but I’m happy with where I am now and glad things worked out as they have.

When I’m not working or studying for something then I can usually be found fishing, camping, just randomly driving with no real plan or destination. I want to travel more and use the advantage of working from home to be able to plan things out and be able to travel to a few more states at least then out of country. I also hate clutter and don’t need a lot of things so trying to live with just what I need is also really appealing to me. Right now I have a lot of stuff I don’t use much so in the process of letting things go I don’t need and can do without. I’ve also been fascinated with tiny house designs for the last couple years and always wanted to build one. I don’t like pulling trailers though and do want a place to call home so I’m fixing to start on building one on a foundation. I’m currently still designing it though because I’m indecisive and keep changing things around. I plan on getting it started by the end of January or sooner.

That’s about all I can think of for now, hopefully that gives you a little info on me and hopefully you’ve signed up for notifications to keep up with me and learn more as 2017 progresses.

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