No Spend September. Why am I doing this? What do I hope to accomplish from it? How am I starting?

No Spend September - debt chains

Dreams of not having to work a 9-5 job, being able to enjoy each and every day and do things we find interesting. That seems more American dream-like to me rather than going to a job we don’t like, working 40+ hours a week to pay for your mortgage, that new leased car, latest cellphone, that trip overseas you put on a credit card. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I mean, I get to work from home, make great pay for a single guy in a very LCOL area, great benefits and perks and I like the people I work with even though I’ve never met them. However, that doesn’t mean I still shouldn’t strive to be able to do what I love and enjoy and to take some of that 40+ hours a week back for myself.

When I was in my early 20s, I had found this information and got excited to only work as long as I needed to and then be able to work part time and do things I enjoyed. Then I lost sight of it all and gave in to what so many others thought was normal. I racked up credit card debt, student loans when I was unmotivated and didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was told and believed early on that college is a necessity, you need to get that vehicle loan, credit cards can help build credit, and more that I believed. Now I’m not blaming anyone, my situation is my fault and not as bad or in as deep as others are. However, I’m still in the hole and slowly digging my way out more disciplined with a goal to be financially independent, semi-retire early and not have to work into my 60s until “normal retirement” age. I’ve found normal doesn’t work that well for me.

No Spend September

Why am I doing this?

Well, I’m pretty good at tracking and sticking to a budget. Not every month, but I don’t overspend yet still sometimes only have a couple hundred dollars left over. I go look at Mint to see what kind of transactions I’ve done and it’s dumb stuff. So I only want to spend my money on the necessities. My required bills, transportation to get from point A to point B and to continue paying down debt are all I want to spend my money on this month. I put my expenses, bills, etc in a table below and want to see how much I have left over on October 1st.

What do I hope to accomplish from it?

I want to see my debt decrease and my checking and savings account increase. I mentioned in my last post that I had paid off just over $3,000.00 in the last couple months on debt. I want to continue that trend so I’ll hang on to whatever money I have left over by October than apply it to debt to see those accounts decrease even more. The debt payments listed in the table below are just the minimum payments so what I have left over will be in addition to those. I’m utilizing Dave Ramsey’s Snowball method by paying off the cards with the smallest balances then take the minimum payment from the paid off card and putting it into the next one and just snowballing the payments one by one to get to 100% payoff and 0% credit utilization.

How am I starting?

I’ll be tracking all purchases as I go and then release a list at the end of the month. As of right now, I have $1,292.51 in my accounts I use for purchases. Any purchases will go into an Excel sheet and I’ll be subtracting them from my September checks so the money currently in my accounts will not count towards September “income” but I’ll include a total balance of my accounts at the end.

Setting a FI/RE date

For those who might not know, FI/RE is Financially Independent/Retired Early. It basically means that someone saved more than they spent, invested it in either stocks, mutual funds, or more tangible assets such as real estate. Those who are FI/RE may still work but not as much and it’s not out of necessity. They may get a payout from investments, have a few passive income streams setup, or collect rental income.

My FI/RE goal includes having rental properties, a small self-sufficient farm to provide my own food and energy, and stock/mutual fund investments. So my planned date is before I hit 45 so May 24th, 2034 or earlier. Real estate is my #1 priority after debt payoff so once I’m done with that, I’d like to find a fixer-upper or two for cheap and fix those up to rent out. Doing a No Spend September will be give an exact idea of how much each month I can put towards this and that will only increase as pay raises come in, bonuses, decreasing monthly bills, etc all go towards these goals.


As mentioned, I put my finances, monthly payments for debt, savings, income, retirement contributions, etc into a table to track better. If I stick to this all month then I should have just over $1,000.00 at the end of the month to put towards debt.

I currently make $55,200.00 a year salary so my checks come in on the 10th and 25th each month and gross$2300.01. After benefits, retirement contributions, savings, etc I have about $1339.00 from each check deposited to pay bills out of.I pay anything due between the 10th and 24th out of my paycheck on the 10th then anything from the 25th to the 9th out my 25th check. It makes things a lot easier to track and it’s fun to sit down and just pay all your bills, it’s hard to explain. Maybe a feeling of accomplishment or something, I don’t know anyone else who legitimately looks forward to paying bills as much as I do.

Required ExpensesAmount DueDue Date
Groceries$400.00Every Saturday
Bald Eagle Barns$200.0025th of the month
Gas$120.00As needed
Cellphone$80.0010th of the month
Auto Insurance$70.0010th of the month
Electric$50.0010th of the month
Internet$40.0010th of the month
Total Required Expenses$960.00
Entertainment Expenses
Misc.$50.00As needed
Netflix$10.911st of the month
OneDrive$1.991st of the month
Total Entertainment Expenses$63.00
Debt Payments
Credit Card #1$140.0010th of the month
Credit Card #2$105.0025th of the month
Credit Card #3$70.0025th of the month
Credit Card #4PAID OFF
Credit Card #5PAID OFF
Credit Card #6PAID OFF
Total Debt Payments$315.00
Savings Payments
Backup Checking$100.00$50 on the 10th and 25th
Emergency Fund$100.00$50 on the 10th and 25th
High Interest Savings$100.00$50 on the 10th and 25th
Total Savings Amount$300.00
Total Expenses$1638.00
Total Income (bring home after taxes, 401k, benefits, etc)$2700.00$1349.77 (Paid on the 10th and 25th)
Contributions to retirement$460.00 + $115.00 (Emp match)


I may do a post halfway through showing progress but if not then I’ll be back in a month. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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Paying off debt is fun. It’s hard but it’s actually fun watching those numbers go down. It’s been a couple months since the last update so wanted to give a quick update on thing. I had mentioned a few things such as paying off debt, wanting to get in to real estate and rentals and all that jazz. So I decided to get started right away on a couple of things with the biggest one being debt payoff and this is a small update on those.

The tiny house is still going, my platform is done and I’ve started on the ceiling. I was going to need to some help and still will on a few spots but I’ve been able to knock out some of the insulation and putting up ceiling supports for where I’ll be installing my tin. Still have a ways to go on that but it’s slowly coming along. Once I get everything done that I cant reach, I’ll be starting on the rest of the floors and getting the kitchen laid out. The plan is to do my own storage and cabinets, or at least trying, and I’ll be able to do that before the plumbing goes in and then move stuff where it needs to go once that is done.

I found a company that purchases delinquent land from the state after they’ve been seized for not paying taxes. I was able to get a half acre in Highland, AR about a mile from the school. It’s a wooded lot but utilities are already in the area so will just have to have the service lines ran a few yards. It was only $1200 so I decided to jump on it.I don’t plan on doing anything with it right away and after talking with an attorney, I have a couple options to be sure I own it outright. The company I’m purchasing it from has a limited warranty so technically the last person who owned that the State of Arkansas took it from after non-payment could come back and take it from me.

Given the location, price and the fact it had already went to auction a couple years ago and was only recently transferred from the State of Arkansas to the company I’m purchasing it from, it felt like a risk worth taking. So once the deed is transferred to me, I can try to mail details to the last owner on the land to issue a quit claim deed basically saying they have no interest in this property and waive all rights to it to make it mine. If I don’t get a response then I can wait a year and file an action to quiet title. This will involve getting the lawyer to submit the request and then the court handles it to waive the past owners rights and make it mine. It’s also within a mile of two lakes and no neighbors around so it’s basically country living with city conveniences.

As for the debt, I don’t think I had mentioned how much debt I had accrued because of stupid decisions. I started to focus 100% on my finances to meet my financial and real estate goals so in June update, I was $12,797.00 in just Credit Card debt. Like I said, stupid, stupid, stupid decisions. Since June and as of today – August 26th, I’ve paid this down to $9,754.00. I still have a bit to go and want to have it all gone by March 2018 but may push it back to May 2018  Last year, I had taken advantage of the Workforce Improvement Grant which paid ~$750.00 for each semester. The college informed me that this year that the Department of Education was not funding this so for three classes, I’m paying $1,300 out of pocket. This doesn’t include books but those weren’t too bad since I rented through Chegg.

It’s currently 1am here so going to wrap this up. I’ve been considering making my finances more public, showing what I spend each month on things to make me more transparent with having to keep things updated and trying to decrease spending every month. Right now, every little bit is going towards debt so I stopped my $1000 a month minimum savings and putting that towards it right away. I found some information on credit card churning and I have a couple cards that offer rewards so once I get my debt down to ~$4000 or so, I may look at using those cards to pay my bills every month, rack up rewards, pay the cards off every month and then use the rewards on things like gifts or something, I don’t know. I don’t plan on doing anything until debt is paid down so that’ll be a couple months away.

I’m including a couple links below of a few other blogs I’ve located in the last month or so that have lit the fire under me even more to focus on FI/RE so maybe they’ll help others too. I use EveryDollar to track expenses and then Mint to track net worth and assets.

The Retirement Manifesto –
Fiery Millennials –
Root of Good –

Thanks for following along,


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As we come upon the half way mark of 2017, I’m disappointed with progress so far. This year I had made my goals of paying off all debt except student loans, keto and weight loss, visiting Colorado, going to see the ocean and finishing a tiny house to live in as my priority. While I’ve made some progress, I’m still far from reaching any of them and it’s disappointing. The most progress on anything has been the tiny house and it was #1 but I’m not as far along as I want to be. I thought I’d be able to move in by mid-May but here we are in mid-June and I still don’t have it to where I can comfortably stay in it. I wasted away most of the days I had off a couple weeks back and didn’t get near as much done as I thought I could. I’ll admit, I can be lazy so I think it stems from #1. Being Lazy, #2. No clue what I’m doing so spend a decent chunk of my time in the house thinking of what I need to do next instead of focusing on the project I started. This can probably be said for all my goals I had originally set. It’s a lot easier to sit in front of my computer and look at all these great ideas for tiny houses, trying to live more self sufficiently, etc then it is to go outside and put it into practice to reach the goals. As sad as that sounds, I think that has a big part to do with why I haven’t made it as far as I wanted to be by now on things and why I make excuses for not just going to do things like Colorado and the ocean. I’ve got complacent in life, with my work, with my certification stuff for work, relationships and friendships, just everything.It’s easier to just watch it all than it is to put forth the effort and get things done.

I’m writing this on June 11th, not exactly sure when I’ll post it but I think maybe I need to rethink what goals I set out to do this year. Not give up on them, just actively work toward them and be more mindful of the effort I do put towards them or any effort that doesn’t bring me closer to reaching them. I’m not saying I plan on having no free or down time but more conscious of having free time and using free time as long as a decent amount of effort has gone to other things I’ve prioritized.

So starting today, it may have already been in place for a week or longer depending on when I post this, but today June 11th I want to make some effort every day towards the goals I have set. The financial goals I’ll do semi-monthly but everything else, every day :). Maybe I need to come up with a schedule and allot a period of time towards each activity. Lets see how this goes:

Week Days:
I work 8a-5p, usually try to be in bed around 9-10 and then spend time on my phone for another hour or more. I want to try this for a couple weeks:
5a-7a : Study time. Mainly for certifications, I still have two tests I need to knock out by September so a couple hours a day of studying and labs will help.
7a-8a : Get ready for work. I still have the habit of every day getting a shower, getting dressed so I don’t get lazy working from home so that’s what I’ll do with this hour.
8a-5p : Work. I get an hour lunch which previously I was using as a nap since I would go to sleep late (12a-1a), wake up early(330a-5) then try to get more sleep. But I may use it to do housework like laundry, dishes, make my bed, etc.
5p-7p : Go work on the tiny house.
7p-9p : Read. There’s tons of things I want to do and learn about like composting, rain water collection, gardening, etc. So I’d like to do some research during this time on those kinds of things. However, I’ve also read that not using electronics an hour or so before bed can help with sleep so I may do things the old fashioned way and buy a book here and there or go get a library card.

Weekend Days:
No clue yet. the last couple weekends I wouldn’t roll out of bad until 11a or later and I felt like I lost so much time. June 12th will be Day 1 of Keto…..for the 3rd or 4th time? So meal planning and prepping will definitely be one one of these days and then I’ll probably go do some work on the tiny house. I’d like to anything that needs done outside done early in the day so may still wake up early and make use of the cool part of the day.


On to this keto thing. I first read and started it in August 2016 and remember thinking, man a year from now I’ll be even sexier than I am now. Then I fell off of it, got back on it again for a bit and fell off and just have done it 3 or 4 times now. It’s been almost a year and while I’ve lost some, it’s nothing significant to make any big difference. I need to get back on it though so done my meal prep this week and got everything situated.


As for the financial aspect of the goals, that will be handled semi-monthly on paydays. I received a raise and went to salary a few weeks back so trying not to let lifestyle creep become a big thing but it’s been inching in and I’ve been justifying it. I won’t divulge my exact income and total expenses but my required bills(not including debt) total about $940 a month right now with debt payments around$450. My employer announced a match to our 401k so I’ve increased my pre-tax and ROTH contributions to 5% each. I have a minimum of $1600 taken out and put in my savings accounts then whatever is left over has been spent on things here and there like eating out, a soda or energy drink while I’m going somewhere, things I’ve deemed necessary for the tiny house build, just dumb stuff so it’s been adding up. Aside from the septic system and appliances, I believe I need to spend another $400-$500 on insulation and material to get the ceiling finished so that’ll be the last big expense before I can start living in it. Then after that my money I’m putting into savings now will be going towards paying off debt and should be able to be done with that by end of the year. So right now I’m not sure if I’ll also put some aside to do the Colorado and ocean thing or if I just want to get the debt out of the way and done with and postpone those. Ideally, I’d like to do one of them and I wanted to visit Colorado in the summer so we’ll see how that pans out. So to sum up financial goals:
Debt Free – I’m setting March 2018 to be completely debt free.
Real Estate – I’d like to own at least one rental property by 30. If I stick my budget, live at my current expenses each month, avoid taking on more debt and no big emergencies or job loss then I should be able to save a minimum of $30,000 a year. I may also look at changing my current investments to include REITs but I’d prefer to have my own property.

So that’s a goals update for 2017. As mentioned previously, I have such a long way to go but I’m hoping being more mindful of my time and having a schedule put together will help me realize how much time I’ve been wasting while getting more work done.





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It’s been a few weeks since my last update so wanted to make this real quick and kind of show you what all has been going on. In my last update, I had talked about the electric company coming out and setting my pole and that was postponed a bit because of all the rain we had been getting but it was set about ~2 weeks ago so I finally have electricity up and running in the house. Since I don’t currently have water to the house, it was required to do a contract type deal so even if I use no electricity during a month, I still have to pay a minimum of $20 and some change which isn’t too bad. So the electricity is in and it’s been really useful having it up there so I can run saws and stuff as I start the next phase of the build doing the interior walls, bathroom, cabinets, platform, etc.

As of today, as shown in the video, I’ve started on the walls around the area my platform will be going. I went with the bead board/wainscotting material and so far I’m happy with it. It’s easy to work with but kind of flimsy so trying to cut it without it bowing has been a challenge but nothing too bad. All the material I get is 8 ft long and I don’t have a trailer it’ll fit in so been having Home Depot cut my stuff and I stick it in the back of the Tahoe to transport. Since my platform will be about 2-2.5 ft high, I had them cut 2 ft off the bead board so there are some ugly lines in the video where I’ve nailed the short part below the taller part which doesn’t look very good, it’ll all be covered up though so not worried about it.








With the interior part of that first wall area being done, I’m fixing to start on the platform for my bed and office so I have all the material purchased and right now just laying in the house so it’s kind of messy right now. I can’t remember if I showed my toilet and shower purchase but I have that along with other items for the build such as the bathroom fan and then all my other tools stored in there so it’s getting crowded. Speaking of the bathroom items, as I mentioned in previous videos, I was wanting to get on city water but the line ends about 1000 feet from our land. After talking with the city water guy and the engineers responsible for the lines, they estimated it’d cost around $12,000 in construction alone plus about $2,000 or so for all the testing to be sure the line would support another customer and clear it with the Department of Health. While I’d like to eventually get on city water if I stay out here long term, I don’t want to pay that much for it right now so I decided to go ahead with extending the water line from our well to the tiny house. I have a friend whose family owns a well drilling company and they quoted me about $375 + tax to extend the line so I’m going that route for now and it should be done in a few days if everything goes good. UPDATE: They actually were able to get to it sooner than I expected so they came out on the 23rd and extended the water line and it only cost $431.72.

Once the platform is done and since the water line is now up there, the next project will be the outside add-on box/shed/tool storage. I plan on building it attached to the outside bathroom wall to house the water heater, water filter, a couple outlets and then my tools. I’m hoping since it’ll be built on the wall my pipes are running through that it’ll offer some additional airspace so my pipes don’t freeze. I plan on building it with 2×6 or larger to house more insulation and I might be able to put a small heating element in there if it gets too cold.

So that’s kind of where things are at the moment. I still have a good ways to go but I’m hoping to have it livable in another month or two. I still need to do my ceiling insulation and once I have that in I’ll be able to get an idea of what it’ll take to keep it cool. My first appliance purchase for it was a small window AC meant for 150 sq ft and mine is about 270 sq ft including the loft so it works for what I need at the moment but will need to look at a bigger one for the summer months.

Thanks for reading! Maybe now as things are coming together, I’ll be able to post more often. I have the week of May 22-28 off, then off the 29 work 30th and 31st then have the 1st and 2nd off. There is a Homesteading Conference in Harrison, AR so I’m going to try and go to that and see if I can learn anything.


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Alright guys, so things are slowly making more and more progress to get this little place livable. Despite the attempts of a gang of wasps moving into the house and some of their spider buddies trying to take over a section of the building, I think I have it all sealed up. After the electricians done their stuff, the hole where they bring in the service entrance had a small gap that I think the spiders squeezed through. Then the box for my outside light had a hole allowing the wasps in so I had to take care of those area. I used some silicone around the wire entrance and also done the windows since there was little gaps between the window frame and the wood so those are all sealed up and so far I’ve not encountered any other spiders or wasps trying to call my little house theirs.

The last couple weeks have been spent doing insulation, working with the electrical company to work on getting their pole, transformer and light installed, as well as getting phone line ran up to the building. The insulation is completed in the walls and set to where I can still take out the ones in the bathroom and kitchen spot for when it’s plumbed. I still have to do the ceiling though which is the next step, just have to convince a couple people to come help me put it up because my big butt isn’t getting up on a ladder. I thought about buying a scaffold but then I realized it’d be a long time before I probably used it again so decided not to. All the framing in the house is 2×4 so either R-13 or R-15 will fit in it. I used R-13 in the walls and I’ve read for the zone I’m in that R-30 or above should be used in the ceiling but that would require me to fur out the walls 8 or so inches to get it to fit. I’m thinking given how little the building is that if I get a regular kind of AC and heater that it probably wouldn’t get too hot or too cold if I did go ahead with just R-13 or even R-15 in the ceiling.

The phone company also came up this week and he installed a line and box into the house. Another company should be coming out in a couple weeks to run the wire from my box on the tiny house to the phone box. Then when I’m ready to switch my service up to the tiny house, I’ll just call the guy to come out and he’ll transfer my existing service line into my parents house to the line running to my new tiny house. I’ve been in contact with the electric company and since I don’t have a water source yet it looks like I’ll have to go the contract route so they sent me everything today and the contract period is for three years at a minimum price of $20.44 a month which isn’t bad. I’m still figuring out what to do for a water source. I’ll be going to turn in the contracts to the office sometime this week and then they’ll come out within 10 days to hook up service as long as weather is good and the ground isn’t too soft As I explain in this weeks video, I do still plan on getting city water but just to make it where I can get up to the house and start living in it for awhile and not have to come use my parents water all the time, I’d like to get either storage tanks or run a pipe from their existing well up to the house. The well is about 225 ft though so I’m not sure what it’d cost to get that ran. I’ll have to do some more digging and see if it’d be cheaper than a water storage tank and a water hose 🙂

I started calling around to a couple local septic installers to start getting quotes for a septic tank to be installed. I’m going to get that done first before I get the building plumbed out so I can be sure if where all the pipes need to run and if I maybe need to do a 180 on my bathroom layout plans. I’ve already purchased my shower pan and toilet so I can start laying it down and get ready to start building the bathroom walls up. I had received a quote from a company in Batesville to do the PEX plumbing and with materials and labor they quoted $1700. The guy who done my gravel earlier this year is a Master Plumber so I’m going to reach out to him and have my come do some more gravel and give me a quote once the septic location is decided and started.

I’ve started thinking more of the interior space and I had originally thought of doing a sho-shugi ban kind of thing with plywood but after more consideration and looking into people who had used plywood, I opted not to. So I’m thinking of using a wainscotting for my walls, maybe doing two colors: white and gray of some sort. Then for my ceiling and maybe the entire bathroom, using corrugated tin. We’ll see how all that goes because I think I’ve changed my mind a few times.

The plans/goals for this next week is:
1. Install outside light
2. Confirm septic location/bathroom layout
3. Install bathroom fan/lights
4. Maybe get electrical ran to the house
5. Maybe  start on bathroom walls.

I have two more weeks of this semester, then I have a month off and then a Biology class the Summer I semester so I hear it’s going to be a bit hectic. I may not get a ton done during that time but then I’ll free from July thru mid-August. I really want to be in the house before then though. Build a tiny house was goal #1 for 2017 and we’re already through Q1 so I have to step it up. Granted, I didn’t get the building until the end of February, but still.

Thanks again for reading. Feel free to share the link and YouTube video if you want to, things aren’t that interesting but I figure once I’m all done, it’ll be nice to look back and see just how much I had no clue what I was doing.


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Hey everybody, it’s been awhile since I made a post and a few changes have taken place to the tiny house. I have a couple pictures I’ll try to put in the post but I also decided to start a YouTube channel as well and have a couple videos up on there right now so you can check it out too. I’m kind of mulling over getting a few animals so the name of my channel is The Hall Hobby Farm.

The spring semester for school is about to wrap up, classes end May 5th and it’s been tough trying to balance 4 classes, work, certification studying, and trying to get the house started. I had talked about maybe dropping a class on my last update but with only a month left to go, I think I’ll be okay. I plan on taking a couple classes for the Summer I semester, maybe Biology and Intro to Sociology. Then I’ll take a break for the Summer II classes and start back up in the fall. There is a Criminal Justice Workshop on April 14th to meet with local professionals and do some networking and see what kind of stuff may be beneficial for me to start looking at. I know the local CASA group is looking for volunteers and I’d really like to do that to get a little bit of volunteer experience and see how the process works since crimes against children has been one area that I’ve thought of going into. So hopefully with this workshop coming up, it’ll give me a little more insight on different options that I may not be aware of in the Criminal Justice field.

Alright, so as for what’s been done to the house. I decided to start with the floor under where I am putting the platform for my bed and office so that part is completed. I still have to complete the rest of the flooring and have just been putting rigid foam insulation on top of the Advantech subfloor, then spacing six 2x4s across the floor and cutting the foam to fit between it. I used R3 and R5 insulation for the floor and then put 11/32 plywood on top of it. Since that floor space will be used for storage and won’t really be seen, I didn’t worry about using the sanded plywood. For the rest of the floor, I’ll probably up it to 15/23 plywood and then for the platform area will be 23/32.I’m still deciding what kind of actual flooring to use and right now torn between just burning the plywood and going on it with an epoxy kind of coating or getting actual hardwood flooring so we’ll see. The electrical work is all done on the building so just have to get the power company out to set their pole and then run it to my meter loop. I still have to go back through and connect my outlets and switches. They installed three light receptacles, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one for a porch light. I decided to go with a 4 bulb fluorescent  light for the living/kitchen/office/bedroom space. I have to get that hung and wired up which shouldn’t be too bad.

The next projects include plumbing which I still have no water up to the building yet. I was thinking of hooking up city water but I’m going to hold off on that so thinking of going ahead and running to a well on my parents place or look at large water storage containers and hauling some in or pumping some up to the tank for a bit until I can get connected to the well. In addition to plumbing, I need to build a small storage shed on the end where my water is planned to come in. I found a video from Ana White when she built a similar thing on her tiny house and will be designing my “shed” in a similar fashion to house my tools, chainsaw, brush cutter, and water heat. I discussed plumbing with a local plumber and since my wall framing is 2×4, he suggested I fur out the wall with another 2×4 for when it freezes. I’m thinking if I build the shed with 2×8 or 2×10 and insulate it + the interior wall where my pipe will be then it should be alright. If it comes to it, I’ll look at putting some type of heating in that shed area to make absolutely sure but I think it should be alright and prevent any freezing.

I got home after dark so was unable to get any pictures on here. Feel free to check out the YouTube link above or click here for The Hall Hobby Farm as I’ll be posting videos here and there as things progress as well.


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I started studying for the MCSA: Office 365 and about 30 minutes in I started having problems. The initial signup was smooth and I was able to add a couple users and associate my domain. However, after trying to change the primary address and username is when the problems began and I’ll try to document it the best I can here as I couldn’t find much on this particular error from my searching but it was pretty self-explanatory so started digging.

First off, as I’m sure you’re aware when signing up for Office 365, is that it will use the domain as the primary address and username. From the Office 365 Admin center, when I went in and tried to change or even add a new address as an alias, it would error with “A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘EmailAddresses’” Since I was unable to do it from the Office 365 Admin Center, I decided to go ahead and launch the Exchange Admin Center and try to add the address through there first.

After navigating to the mailbox and the email address area, I added the address I wanted and set it as my Reply-To address. I confirmed in the EAC, was now set as my primary address and when I went back to the Office 365 Admin Center > Active Users, the new address was primary with the * as an alias, but I still had to change my username though. Luckily, it looks like the change through the EAC let me update the username without any issue and I was able to get it set.

I didn’t take any screenshots while doing mine so I’ve included a few screenshots on another object that gave me the same problems and that I was able to fix the same way.



Looking at Active User, username will be the which we want to change to






We click on the user and it brings up the properties page and we’ll go into Edit on the username and try to first add an alias and click Add.







After clicking add, we’ll see this error. This occurred for me even if I tried to Set as Primary right away or added the alias and then tried to Save Changes, it wouldn’t take either one.




We go into the EAC and double click the mailbox we want to change.







Double clicking brings up the mailbox settings and we’ll go to Email Address. Cick the + and you’ll get another popup.







If you want to change the primary address from here then leave the SMTP bubble selected and be sure the “Make this reply address” box is checked. If you just want to add an SMTP alias then leave SMTP selected and be sure to UNCHECK the “Make this the reply address” box.





Primary address updated, previous address now an alias. Save this and get back to the EAC to confirm the changes. We’ll then switch back over to the Office 365 Admin Center




You’ll need to refresh the view to see the address change on the Active Users view or click the user in question to bring up their properties. From there you can confirm the primary address and alias have been added/changed and also change the username if you wish to.





We can now see that we’ve change the users username/sign-in address to our own domain.

So all in all, not too complicated but maybe it’ll help someone else who runs into this issue.


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Hey everyone,

The shell was able to be delivered on time Thursday morning and it took the guy about 45 minutes to set it up. Luckily since we got the gravel down, he said it made it a ton easier for him and he didn’t have any problems. I was originally unsure how much space I’d be able to have underneath it but one side was 8″ inches off so the other end is about 2 feet so I’ll be able to access the underside of it and get what I need done to that portion.

I had wanted to start on some steps this weekend but any free time that I’ve been able to devote to the space where I put the house has mostly been raking, cutting and trying to get the ground walk-able without stepping on a tree stob. In the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to have that portion done and start on a couple projects for the house. I’ll be meeting with an engineer from the electric company on Monday to go over the best way they can run electric to where the house is so after that I’ll get my meter in place and get electric up there to get started on doing the inside.






As for everything else, things are great. I’ve still not been tempted to use Facebook, the bet I had with my mom that she couldn’t go with Facebook ended and she made it so I’ll be buying her a new door and having someone install it for her. Of course, the whole purpose of me betting her was because I was hoping she’ make better use of the time but my sister-in-law introduced her to Pinterest……so my plan didn’t go so well.

School is still chugging along, math is starting to kick my butt but I’m still making headway so not all is lost. There are some changes at work happening so one of my certifications I had planned on completing in 2017 with be for the MCSE: Office 365 and I started Linux Essentials from LPI to try and start digging into more forensics/security kind of stuff. I’m ready to have my own space again so I can get all my lab equipment set back up and start playing around some more on it.

I’m also fixing to start planning a trip to Colorado since we’re almost 2 full months in to the year now and I’ve not done much of anything except work and study. I plan on trying to take a couple classes this summer but I’d like to start planning for a little break at the end of this semester and take a trip  up there.


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Hello everyone,

Nothing much happened since the last post up to the middle of last week. My gravel was finally delivered and I have someone coming Monday to try and level some of the land out and then lay down the gravel for me. I ordered three dump truck loads so hoping that will be enough to lay out enough space for a solid area to put the house and maybe fix up the driveway and use some as a little parking and patio type area.

I ordered a new toy because I was tired of walking around and bending up and down with a chainsaw to cut little tree stobs. I got me a Husqvarna 223R which is a brush cutter/weedeater type deal. I’m not usually one who gets excited about tools and yard/power equipment but ohhhhh boy, this thing is a beast. I put on my little mask after getting hit a couple of times  and cleared out some tall grass and little brush then switched over to using a circular saw blade and cut down a few decent size saplings.

If everything goes according to plan then next weeks update will have some pictures of everything and getting the building in place and then the real fun begins. I’ve still not settled 100% on my floor layout but I’m close and once they set it up, I’ll be dedicated to an idea. Plus, once it’s hear, it’ll allow me to visualize it a lot better I decided to have them set it lower to the ground, 8-12 inches instead of the 20+ inches I had talked to them about. So that limits things such as wastewater lines but I think I’m going to house my piping, electrical, water heater, etc in a little tiny small storage shed like you’ll normally see on some tiny houses.


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This post is for both last week and this week because nothing much has changed since Week 3. I did meet with the company I’m buying it from and got the ball rolling so expected delivery is February 23rd. I still have to get the gravel situation sorted out and I’m trying not to rush it but the 23rd is 3 weeks away and I want to be sure everything is scheduled, poured and leveled out before delivery so I don’t have to postpone. So I may start looking around to see if there are any others in the area who could do it sooner just so I can get it finished and out of the way.

In typical Seth fashion, I’ve been second guessing the floor plan/ layout. I know I still want the 10×20 I ordered but part of me thinks maybe I’m not making the most of my space and maybe a loft bedroom wouldn’t be too bad. I don’t know, I’m still playing around with it and once I get the building will be able to feel it out more for what works best.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. I’m still trying to balance work and school, haven’t put much effort yet into any of the certifications I had wanted to try, I may have to wait until summer since Math and World Lit are kind of the devil and those are taking up most of my time right now. I’ve thought about dropping one class, maybe doing four was a bad idea but as long as I don’t get behind or start slacking and grade dropping then I can deal with work, school, sleep as my schedule for another 3 months. We’ll see.


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