As we come upon the half way mark of 2017, I’m disappointed with progress so far. This year I had made my goals of paying off all debt except student loans, keto and weight loss, visiting Colorado, going to see the ocean and finishing a tiny house to live in as my priority. While I’ve made some progress, I’m still far from reaching any of them and it’s disappointing. The most progress on anything has been the tiny house and it was #1 but I’m not as far along as I want to be. I thought I’d be able to move in by mid-May but here we are in mid-June and I still don’t have it to where I can comfortably stay in it. I wasted away most of the days I had off a couple weeks back and didn’t get near as much done as I thought I could. I’ll admit, I can be lazy so I think it stems from #1. Being Lazy, #2. No clue what I’m doing so spend a decent chunk of my time in the house thinking of what I need to do next instead of focusing on the project I started. This can probably be said for all my goals I had originally set. It’s a lot easier to sit in front of my computer and look at all these great ideas for tiny houses, trying to live more self sufficiently, etc then it is to go outside and put it into practice to reach the goals. As sad as that sounds, I think that has a big part to do with why I haven’t made it as far as I wanted to be by now on things and why I make excuses for not just going to do things like Colorado and the ocean. I’ve got complacent in life, with my work, with my certification stuff for work, relationships and friendships, just everything.It’s easier to just watch it all than it is to put forth the effort and get things done.

I’m writing this on June 11th, not exactly sure when I’ll post it but I think maybe I need to rethink what goals I set out to do this year. Not give up on them, just actively work toward them and be more mindful of the effort I do put towards them or any effort that doesn’t bring me closer to reaching them. I’m not saying I plan on having no free or down time but more conscious of having free time and using free time as long as a decent amount of effort has gone to other things I’ve prioritized.

So starting today, it may have already been in place for a week or longer depending on when I post this, but today June 11th I want to make some effort every day towards the goals I have set. The financial goals I’ll do semi-monthly but everything else, every day :). Maybe I need to come up with a schedule and allot a period of time towards each activity. Lets see how this goes:

Week Days:
I work 8a-5p, usually try to be in bed around 9-10 and then spend time on my phone for another hour or more. I want to try this for a couple weeks:
5a-7a : Study time. Mainly for certifications, I still have two tests I need to knock out by September so a couple hours a day of studying and labs will help.
7a-8a : Get ready for work. I still have the habit of every day getting a shower, getting dressed so I don’t get lazy working from home so that’s what I’ll do with this hour.
8a-5p : Work. I get an hour lunch which previously I was using as a nap since I would go to sleep late (12a-1a), wake up early(330a-5) then try to get more sleep. But I may use it to do housework like laundry, dishes, make my bed, etc.
5p-7p : Go work on the tiny house.
7p-9p : Read. There’s tons of things I want to do and learn about like composting, rain water collection, gardening, etc. So I’d like to do some research during this time on those kinds of things. However, I’ve also read that not using electronics an hour or so before bed can help with sleep so I may do things the old fashioned way and buy a book here and there or go get a library card.

Weekend Days:
No clue yet. the last couple weekends I wouldn’t roll out of bad until 11a or later and I felt like I lost so much time. June 12th will be Day 1 of Keto…..for the 3rd or 4th time? So meal planning and prepping will definitely be one one of these days and then I’ll probably go do some work on the tiny house. I’d like to anything that needs done outside done early in the day so may still wake up early and make use of the cool part of the day.


On to this keto thing. I first read and started it in August 2016 and remember thinking, man a year from now I’ll be even sexier than I am now. Then I fell off of it, got back on it again for a bit and fell off and just have done it 3 or 4 times now. It’s been almost a year and while I’ve lost some, it’s nothing significant to make any big difference. I need to get back on it though so done my meal prep this week and got everything situated.


As for the financial aspect of the goals, that will be handled semi-monthly on paydays. I received a raise and went to salary a few weeks back so trying not to let lifestyle creep become a big thing but it’s been inching in and I’ve been justifying it. I won’t divulge my exact income and total expenses but my required bills(not including debt) total about $940 a month right now with debt payments around$450. My employer announced a match to our 401k so I’ve increased my pre-tax and ROTH contributions to 5% each. I have a minimum of $1600 taken out and put in my savings accounts then whatever is left over has been spent on things here and there like eating out, a soda or energy drink while I’m going somewhere, things I’ve deemed necessary for the tiny house build, just dumb stuff so it’s been adding up. Aside from the septic system and appliances, I believe I need to spend another $400-$500 on insulation and material to get the ceiling finished so that’ll be the last big expense before I can start living in it. Then after that my money I’m putting into savings now will be going towards paying off debt and should be able to be done with that by end of the year. So right now I’m not sure if I’ll also put some aside to do the Colorado and ocean thing or if I just want to get the debt out of the way and done with and postpone those. Ideally, I’d like to do one of them and I wanted to visit Colorado in the summer so we’ll see how that pans out. So to sum up financial goals:
Debt Free – I’m setting March 2018 to be completely debt free.
Real Estate – I’d like to own at least one rental property by 30. If I stick my budget, live at my current expenses each month, avoid taking on more debt and no big emergencies or job loss then I should be able to save a minimum of $30,000 a year. I may also look at changing my current investments to include REITs but I’d prefer to have my own property.

So that’s a goals update for 2017. As mentioned previously, I have such a long way to go but I’m hoping being more mindful of my time and having a schedule put together will help me realize how much time I’ve been wasting while getting more work done.





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Well here we are one week into 2017 and I hope it’s going good for everyone. I can’t really complain and don’t have a ton of updates since you know, it’s only been a week but I figured I’d make a short update with how things are going, some thoughts I’ve had and progress made my 2017 goals/plans.

To begin with, this week I made a little headway over making sure where I could put my tiny house out on my parents land. I talked with the electric company to be sure I wasn’t too close to the right of way and that they could still run electric to me without any problem. I also reached out to the Health Dept. to go over what all needed to happen for me to get a septic permit or exemption. My brother thinks he can put it in without me having to get a permit or anything and since he worked for a guy who used to do them, I kind of believe him. However, I prefer to do things by the book most of the time when waste disposal and general environmental rules come into play so I’ll probably hire someone to do it. I also will be doing some clearing of the land where I’ll be putting it and have a friend who has offered to come out and bush-hog and do a little prep work for me so things are slowly coming together. I had hoped to be in the house around March but not real sure if that will happen right now. I may take some time off once I get things prepped and the house delivered to make it a little livable but we’ll see.

If you read my about me then you’ll have seen me mentioning the whole keto thing. I thought I was in the home stretch and building a good habit and close to kicking any sugar/carb addictions and withdrawals I may have had. Well then one day I grabbed a peanut cluster. Then a peanut cluster turned into a dinner at Chilis filled with poor decisions and then that turned into a week of really poor decisions and falling back into old ways. I didn’t go totally overboard but I definitely jumped off the boat in baby-shark infested waters. Are baby sharks as mean as regular sharks? They look adorable but looks can be deceiving….like them damn peanut clusters. So I’ll be prepping new meals and starting again fresh on the 8th when this is posted. I really enjoy this keto thing, I’ve tried several things before but feel deprived and give up and never get back on but doing this I feel great. I’m sure I’ll still make some errors and fall off and that’s okay, things happen but I started this and started 2017 with wanting to actually do more with whatever time I have and to make sure it’s spent wisely so I’ll get back on each time and keep going. A friend gave me a few ideas to reward myself once I hit a milestone so I’ll probably update my 2017 Goal page with those and maybe add or change a few when I think of something else.

As for my no Facebook thing, it’s been a great success. After day 2, I was no longer swiping through my screens trying to look for my Facebook and Messenger icons and honestly I’ve not really missed it. I’ve not stuck to minimizing my YouTube time because I found a few new bands and have been somewhat obsessed and gone down this rabbit hole of amazing-ness. I aint even mad. I did limit my time on Reddit so I don’t get caught looking at stuff all day. I’ll get on a couple times a day for 5 minutes at a time to read a post or two on things like FinancialIndepedence, PersonalFinance, Frugal, Minimalism, and of course TinyHomes then I’m off. I even removed the app from my phone so I’m not tempted. I even convinced my mom who is kind of addicted to Facebook that I’d buy and pay for someone to install a new door in their house since they’ve been wanting one. If she goes two weeks, we’ll split the cost, if she goes a full month then I’ll cover the entire cost of the door, hardware, and a professional to install it for them. She apparently only uses Facebook to keep up with my niece. I should have bet her to stop using FaceTime AND Facebook. I’d win for sure.

Well that about does it. One last thing, I don’t know if I’ll do this every week but sometimes I come across something that really resonates with me whether it be music or a quote or picture, I just become obsessed with it and it sticks with me for awhile. So this week I have a song and a quote that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Song – Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal – There Will Be Time
Quote – “Raise your words, not your voice. It’s the rain that makes the flowers grow, not the thunder.”

Feel free to share this, several people signed up to get notifications, more than I was expecting honestly haha. I hope your first week was a success and if you made a resolution then hopefully you’ve not gave up and stopped, it’s only been a week :).


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