Seth Hall
IT Professional | Tech Support Engineer
Seth Hall
IT Professional | Tech Support Engineer
  1. Currently prepping for MS-101 to earn M365: Enterprise Administrator Expert.
    I have passed the Messaging Administrator Associate (MS-203) pre-req and the first exam MS-100. I am now preparing for the final exam of MS-101 with hopes to have it completed by beginning to mid-February.
  2. Azure-hosted WordPress.
    In the past, all my websites have been hosted by normal providers. Since I have an interest in getting more experience with Azure and Linux, I decided to host a VM on Azure running CentOS and then installing LAMP to manage it all myself. This site and the Blog/KB – MCSA 365 Lab are both hosted on this VM and allowed me to gain experience with:

    1. Linux CLI
    2. vim/nano
    3. Managing services like firewalld and httpd.
    4. SELinux
    5. WordPress
    6. Azure Security Center
    7. Azure Virtual Machines, DNS, and Storage
  3. Begin prepping for the MS-500 after completion of MS-101.
  4. Migrate content from my personal Confluence to a WordPress KnowledgeBase.
  5. Homelab.
    Currently, my homelab consists of a Hyper-V server running 6 VMs. Those VMs are two Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers for my local AD DS and they’re connecting to Azure via their AD Sync tool for user/password sync. I then have two Windows 10 VMs connected to my Azure AD to use with Endpoint (Intune) policies. A pfSense machine which I use to split my personal and home devices from my Hyper-V guests. Then lastly, I have a services VM running Ubuntu Server 20.04 where I host a few projects including two monitoring tools and a POP/IMAP server.